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Roses Metals is a unisex jewelry line that is timeless and durable, designed with meaning and function in mind.

Made and designed in Los Angeles, California.

Roses Metals is a Los Angeles-based jewelry and object studio exploring the relationship between humans and the ornaments they surround themselves with.


Our mission is to craft heirloom-quality jewelry while minimizing waste & environmental impact throughout our entire production process — from sourcing materials to shipping.

The problem with most mass produced jewelry today is that it's so poorly made that you can't wear it for long before tossing it away. We are working towards a future where people purchase fewer, elevated products.

To upkeep our commitment to sustainability, we only make jewelry out of 925 sterling silver and pure 14k gold. We have also adapted 3D modeling technologies to produce our designs almost entirely on-demand while minimizing our impact on the environment. Lastly, by working with local artisans based in Los Angeles, we are able to support family-owned businesses while keeping our production close to home. We want you to feel proud when you wear a piece.


Roses Metals is the consummation of every moment founder Kim Dooley has spent mastering her art and craft as a jeweler. 10,000 hours, cooked up, melted down, and cast in precious stones and metals. 

Designed and crafted in Los Angeles, Kim’s design ethos centers around high-quality materials, modern technology, and her equestrian-steeped Kentucky roots.

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